About us

DeLiza AB is an independent Swedish consulting company specializing in commercial development in the Nordic and Baltic region. We have many years experience in retail development work both transforming existing and building new retail locations and shopping centers. DeLiza was founded in 2004.

We are working to develop and design venues regardless of whether it is shopping centers, retail parks, down town shopping locations or other types of venues for retail and services. Our working CTI model creates long-term positive results in new projects and revitalizes the existing retail centers.

We have over the years built up a solid knowledge, matched with innovation, through work and efforts, both nationally and internationally. Our experience combined with strong expertise in consumer behavior and market trends makes us unique.

Our business concept – sustainable trade and business development with consumer and customer focus.


Senior consultant & partner, engineer and marketing specialist
Peter H Tanzer

Peter Tanzer has extensive experience as a business consultant – both within and outside the country. As a basis for consultancy business situated over 25 years experience as CEO of market-oriented company focused on consumer products in Sweden and abroad. Peter founded DeLiza in 2004.

Building, launching and operation of business concepts, brands and chain stores in Europe, have created an understanding of the key factors enabling successful establishment of retail venues and shopping centers. It is critical to be able to understand the consumers of today and tomorrow when creating new shopping venues.

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Tel: +46 121 139 77
Mobile: +46 70 644 42 58
E-mail: peter@deliza.se


Consultant & partner, MBA. Specializing in marketing, international business and consumer behavior
Jonas P Tanzer

Jonas Tanzer has after four years experience and education in the U.S. founded DeLiza in 2004. Has worked with the introduction and marketing of fashion and sports concept in the Nordic market. Specializing in key business analysis and business plans and other main areas when establishing trade destinations, shopping centers or when transforming existing retail venues into new ones.

You will only be successful in the launch of a retail venue when matching the product, brand and mix of retailers with location, consumer behavior, their needs and trends.

The Internet and social media has become increasingly important to take into account in our work. Not only is a growing E-commerce but also the shopping center and shopping destination choice of new media in their marketing strategy a result of changes in consumer behavior that we take into account.

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Tel: +46 121 139 77
Mobile: +46 70 349 39 68
E-mail: jonas@deliza.se


We work together in a network of talented and experienced architects, engineers, construction companies and complementing specialized consulting firms.